Top 9 Tips For Monsoon Makeup

Tips For Monsoon Makeup

We all enjoy rainy season. Sitting in balcony enjoying the rain with a cup of coffee and some pakoda’s. Watching people moving in the rain. But girls have fear of going in the rain as their makeup will smudged and washed out.

Dear girls no need to worry, as there are lots of makeup brands available in the market which provides waterproof makeup. All you have to do is to buy the makeup which suits you. I am going to give you some makeup tips which will be helpful for you in this monsoon season.

Top 9 Tips For Monsoon Makeup



Before applying the makeup clean your face with astringent if you have oily skin or with toner if your skin is normal.

After washing your face apply ice cubes for 10 min on face. Makeup will last longer as rubbing ice cube will reduce the sweating.


Use powder or mineralized foundation instead of cream foundations. Use foundation just to remove the oiliness from the face.


Applying Blush

Shimmer are big no no’s for this season. Use powder blush. Give a natural look by using peaches and dusty pinks.



As I have already said don’t use any cream base makeup. So, powder eye shadow will be best. Sheer film of lavender, champagne, pink cream, beige, or light brown is best for monsoon season.

Eyeliner, Kajal and Mascara


A thin line of eyeliner and 1 or 2 coats of mascara are enough. But remember they should be waterproof otherwise they will bloat in the rain and use waterproof Kajal.


Applying Lipstick

Glossy lipsticks should be avoided instead use matte lipsticks. Use soft browns or pink shades.



Keep your eyebrows in shape. Don’t use eyebrow pencil. Use the hair gel to keep the hair in place.

Makeup for Day and Night

Keep makeup natural and minimalistic. Day and night makeup is same. Use pastel shades in the day and dark colors in the night.

Tip: You can use white gold eye shadow. For eyeliner, use Japanese eyeliner.

General Tips

  • An advice for those who use hair sprays or gel, please don’t use them during rainy season as the hair lacquers or gum can stick to scalp and can cause dandruff.
  • Massage your hair with coconut oil before washing your hair to keep dandruff and other hair problems away.
  • Massage your scalp with finger tips every night before going to sleep. It will help in blood circulation.
  • Wear Capri pants, cotton fabrics and three fourth pants as denims are not suitable for this season.
  • During monsoon season make it a point to carry an umbrella or raincoat with you every time you go out.
  • Light color outfits are not for this season. Try to avoid them as they get easily muddy.
  • Keep your high heels and leather boots in shoe rack. Wear sandals, floaters or sneakers.
  • Bangs and layered hairstyles are good for rainy season as elaborate hairstyles are difficult to manage and redo. So, keep hairstyles simple and easy.
  • Last but not the least wear stone studded light jewelry.

Follow these simple tips and I am sure you will make your own style statement during this monsoon season. Go and enjoy the rain.

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