Top 10 Wireless Computer Mice

Top 10 Wireless Computer Mice

In the fast changing world the technologies has also changed and evolve. It has given us freedom from the network of wires around our PC through wireless technology. One of its gifts is the wireless mouse.

These wireless mice are hassle free and can be carried anywhere with ease. The wireless mouse gives all the basic functions which the desktop mouse gives. Given below is the list of top 10 wireless mice in the industry.

10 Best Wireless Computer Mice

10. Logitech Performance Mouse MX

A very high-tech mouse launched by Logitech though its expensive but worth the price. It is incredibly comfortable to use. Performance mouse has a rubberized grip which has 4 programmable buttons around its thumb rest and with the scroll-wheel you can scroll through the web pages and documents at a very hyper-fast speed. With the help of Darkfield Laser Tracking this mouse can be used on any surface even on glass.

Logitech Performance Mouse MX

The advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology gives a wireless connection which is very reliable. Without any hindrance you can use it on the busiest wireless environments.

9. Apple Magic Mouse – The World’s First Multi-Touch Mouse

The Magic Mouse has a seamless top with a buttonless appearance. The top of the mouse is covered with Multi-Touch area which allows you to scroll in any direction with just one finger. Magic Mouse has a chip inside it which tells it what the user wants.

Apple Magic Mouse

The laser tracking makes it more sensitive and responsive. It is connected to the computer through Bluetooth, but works with only Apple computers hat have Mac OSX version 10.5.8 or later. Magic Mouse does not work with Window PC.

8. HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

The HP Wi-Fi mouse is the first mouse which connects to your PC with the PC’s in-built Wi-Fi receiver. It has a battery life of 9 months.

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

It consists of 5 customizable buttons for the common shortcuts such as cut, paste, undo and redo and also it has a 4 way tilt scroll allowing its users to scroll up, down or side to side. It gives a secure grip because of the rubber sides. The mouse can be used from 30 feet from the PC.

7. Belkin Wireless Comfort Mouse

A very sleek mouse offered by Belkin. It allows its user easy hold. It is 30% smaller than the desktop mice. It has a Teflon pads on its bottom due to which it can be used on any surface. It comes with a USB dongle acting as a stand for the mouse. So, it can be easily used when moving around. This dongle fits in the slot on the bottom of the mouse.

Belkin Wairelaess Comfort Mouse

It has a spring battery tray which makes it easy to change the batteries all you have to do is press the button besides the power button and the tray comes out. The mouse does not need any drive disc on Vista and Window 7 as the drive gets installed automatically once the dongle is attached to the notebook and after a pairing.

6. Microsoft Touch Mouse

The MS Touch Mouse is built to support Win 7 & Win 8 touch features. There is no scroll wheel present on the mouse. The half front of the mouse is integrated touch area. The left and right commands of the desktop mouse can be given by pressing the same area on the Touch Mouse.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

The company says that the user can use 2 fingers swipe on the right and will be able to toggle between open programs and 2 to the left. To use the Semantic Zoom you just have slide your 3 fingers up and down. The bottom of the mouse consists of a buried storage area for its transceiver, power switch, the sensor suite itself and the battery compartment. Touch Mouse needs two AA batteries which can run up to 6 months.

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5. Razer Mamba

Razor Mamba is the 4th generation mouse. It uses both laser and an optical sensor for giving its users a better tracking experience. It also gives its users surface positioning to give the users a better tracking. It also features a cutoff point which stops he mouse from tracking upon liftoff.

Razer Mamba

The mouse can be used for 16 continuous hours and its batteries are chargeable. To customize the mouse you can download the drivers from the Mamba’s website. This mouse can be used with Mac and Windows PC’s and you can even use this mouse with wire also.

4. Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

Logitech is a well known manufacturer of trackballs. This time Logitech has brought Wireless Trackball M570. The Trackball looks like a large mouse with a big ball attached to it. It gives a comfortable grip and you have to use your thumb to move the ball.

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570

This ball is present on the side and is attached to sensors which translate the ball’s movement. It has right and left buttons like the standard mice. The Trackball can be used for 18 months without changing its single AA batteries.

3. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

MS Arc Touch Mouse is the mouse that can be packed as a small cell phone in your pocket. The mouse is given a curve shape so that is fits perfectly in your hands. The scroll wheel is replaced with the touch strip and gives you a very fast scrolling experience and you can tap to stop.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

The mice have a unique vibration feedback feature which gives the feel and sound of standard scroll wheel. It has a Blue Track Technology which allows its users to use the mice on any surface but it cannot be used on mirror surface and on glass. To turn off the mice just flatten it and to turn on it just curve it. It uses a standard AAA battery which is easily available.

2. Hippus HandShoe Mouse

The Dutch Medical University has developed HandShoe Mouse. This mouse is specially designed for the people who are suffering from RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. On the left side is the thumb rest and right side is designed for hand and fingers.

Hippus HandShoe Mouse

The standard left and right buttons are on the right side between these buttons is the scroll wheel which allows the vertical scrolling. It uses the BlueRay tracking which can track movement at 1,500dpi. It is a plug and play mouse and is compatiable with almost all the operating systems to name a few are Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, and Unix.

1. Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple Magic Trackpad tops our list. Designed for MAC desktop computers it is the first Multi-Touch Trackpad. It is very easy to connect to your MAC PC with the Bluetooth wireless technology. The entire surface is a clickable button so, you can use is along or instead of a mouse.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad is quite big as compared to Trackpad on Mac-Book Pro giving its users more space for scrolling, rotate, swipe and pinch. The Magic Trackpad pane in the system preferences allows its users to enable or disable the gestures according to their preferences.

I hope this article will help you in buying the best wireless mouse.

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