Top 10 Tips To Celebrate Friendship Day

Top 10 Tips To Celebrate Friendship Day

Biggest Buzz of August is “Friendship Day” which is celebrated every year in 1st Sunday of August month.“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends “(John 15:13-15). It is a verse from The Holy Bible. It means that there is no love greater than friendship. Friendship tops all the love say sisterly, brotherly, parental, altruistic or devotional.

Friend a small word but our whole life revolves around our friends. We all have friends and we can’t live without them. There is always one person who stands by our side in the ups and downs of our lives and that person is our FRIEND. He/she is the only one who stands by our side when there is no one with us. To keep the spirit of friendship every year in August it is celebrated worldwide. Lets make this day memorable to our dear friends who are everything and made our life worthy and full of joy and reason to smile. Here i have come up with 10 Tips to Celebrate Friendship Day. Lets have have a look.

10 Best Ideas to Celebrate Friendship Day

Party with Style

friends party

Organize a small party at your home or now-a-days hotel or restaurants arrange special party for friendship day you can buy the party tickets and surprise your best friend or friendship group. If you are parting at your place decorate the room with balloons, flowers, buntings etc.

Bake or buy a cake and write “Happy Friendship Day” and cut the cake with your friends. Raise a toast for your friends. Arrange food and soft drinks for everyone. Don’t forget to on the music. Party and dance the whole night. Remember to make a photo collage of this party and gift the same to all your friend


Sleepover party

Call your closest friends for a sleepover party at your home. Rent some movie CD’s to watch whole night.

Arrange for pizza, popcorns, soft drinks, burgers and all sort of unhealthy food. Watch movies for the whole night and enjoy yourself.

Plan a Special Picnic

friend picnic

Picnic is always a great idea. You all can go to some nearby picnic spot. Take some homemade sandwiches, cookies, burgers and all the stuff which you all like.

Enjoy all sort of sports there like, horse riding, golf, bowling, cricket etc.

Go for a Vacation

friend vacation

Plan a vacation with your friend. Go to a place where you all friends were dreaming to go. Do site seeing, click pictures etc. Enjoy every moment of being with your friends.

Before heading towards the place gather enough information about that place. Internet is the easiest way to gather any kind of information. Remember to book hotel for your stay there. Hotels have special arrangements for their guest for site seeing etc.

Arrange a Camping Trip

Camping Trip

Plan a camping trip when all your friends are free, so that no time is wasted in deciding the place. Be sure to make all the arrangements like sleeping bags, tent, food, ropes etc.

If it is possible arrange a guide for the trip. You can get the information about the agencies which provide guided tour. But make sure that the agency should be registered.

Recollect Old Memories

Old Memories

Friendship day is the perfect day to meet all your friends whom you have not met for a long time. Call all your friends over and see the albums and videos of your old days.

You can surprise your friends by making a collage or scrapbook of all the pictures right from your school days to your graduation. Take a walk down the memory lane by adding pictures of your crushes, fights, first day to collage, sleepover parties etc.

Dedicate a Song

Dedicate a Song

This is an amazing idea. Call up a radio station and dedicate a song to friendship day and to your friends. Your friends will be surprised to hear their names on the radio. Now-a-days you can send messages to your friend through newspapers.

Many leading newspapers publish a special page for this purpose. If you are a good writer you can write a poem for your friends and get it published in the newspaper.

Make Some New Friends

Make New Friends

Make new friends by becoming a doer of RAOK – Random Act of Kindness. For this all you have to do is talk to an orphanage that you want to spend some time with children or people living there.

You and all your friends collect some money and buy small gifts, cake and eatables etc. When you go to meet them cut the cake and celebrate the friendship day. Take pictures and send the pictures to them also.

Create a Web Page

friendship card

Create a Web page for your friends. Write a small poem, messages, quotes etc. for your friends.

You can also post old pictures of your childhood days. Sending e-cards to your friends is very popular.


friends Gifts

Last but not the least send a big Friendship day card to your friend. You can also buy or make flowers, cards, chocolates, a dreamcatcher, friendship bands, a cake, friendship journal, or anything that comes in your mind.

Make a CD of all the songs which you think defines your friendship. Add those songs also which your friend likes.

So these were some friendship day celebration ideas. Choose the idea which suites you and enjoy your day with your friends. Hey but don’t forget to click pictures take your camera along with you.

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