Top 10 Richest Cricketers in The World

top 10 richest cricketers in the world

Cricket is not just a game to entertain the world for a sportsperson, it has become a biggest career to go for. Condition is, you must know how to play cricket. Well, in the cricket world this game has become one of the highest paying game to a cricketer who plays well and entertain the world.

Cricketers earn good both on-field and off-field. On-field with their game skill and off-field with their acting, endorsing and many other additional skills. Here we are sharing the highest paid and richest cricketers in the world whose annual income will make you rethink of your career.

List of Highest Paid Cricketers of the World

MS Dhoni

ms dhoni

One of the most successful captain who helped India won his first 20-20 world cup and the 2011 world cup. His cool behavior made him the most adorable captain of the team. He is a brand now and has endorsed many products. His annual wealth is 31.5 million USD.

Sachin Tendulkar

sachin tendulkar

Sachin is known as “God of Cricket” in cricket world. He is retired from cricket but his income from endorsement make him one of the richest cricketers. This master blaster has won the heart of billions of cricket lovers and thats the reason biggest brand choose him for endorsement. His annual wealth is 18 million USD.

Virat Kohli

virat kohli

Charming, aggressive and handsome cricketer whose game can make any team to bow head. He is a new Indian Test Team Captain.  His annual income is 12 million USD.

Gautam Gambhir

gautam gambhir

Gautam is one of finest cricketer of India  though he is out of national team now a days yet his annual income is great to make him richest cricketer of the world. He is getting 3.5 Million USD from salary and 4.5 Million USD from endorsements.

Chris Gayle

chris gayle

Chris Gayle is of West Indies team player and one of the most entertaining cricketer of the world. He entertains well with his game in IPL and have become one of highest paid cricketer of IPL too. He earns 7 millions USD from his salary and endorsements.

Shane Watson

shane watson

Shane is Australian all rounder cricketer whose game is more than just impressive. He earns 3 Million from Salary and 3 million from endorsements. He is a permanent member of Rajasthan Royal team of IPL.

Rohit Sharma

rohit sharma

Rohit is one of destructive batsman of Indian cricket team. He got a honor of holding highest runs in ODI game. He is a captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL game. He gets salary of 3 millions USD and 2 million USD from endorsements.

Yuvraj Singh

yuvraj singh


Yuvraj Singh was the hero of 2011 World Cup series. He holds the record of 6 sixes in an over of 20-20 first World cup series match against England. He was paid record 14.5 Crore, last year by RCB making him one of the richest cricket player of IPL.

Kevin Pietersen

kevin pietersen

Kevin is an England cricket team player. One of stylish and good looking cricketer. He earns 4.5 million USD from salary and endorsements making him one of the richest player.

Brett Lee 

brett lee

Brett Lee is an Australian cricketer who is now retired from cricket. He has earned a good name, fame and money which made us to keep him on this list. He annually earned around 4 million USD.

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