Top 10 Largest Armies In The World

Top 10 Largest Armies In The World

Army in the most generalized sense means a land based offensive unit of a nation or nation state, which protects and secures its borders. In addition, to the land based military branch an army can consist of other military branches operating in Air such as the air force. An army is proud of any country which give security and power to their country people. My this article is to let you know about the world’s largest armies.

Top 10 Largest Armies In The World

10. Israel

Israel maintains an active army of 100,000 service personnel. Israel Army is also called Israel Defence Force (IDF) and was organized in 1948. IDF requires a strict adherence to the norm of service from both the genders.

israeli army

Israel is required to maintain a large army because of perennial conflict with Lebanon and Palestine. The Six-Day War and the Arab-Israel War are etched in the history of Israel military.

9. Germany

Germany is the epitome of War as it was involved in both the World Wars. Hitler almost single handedly brought down the world to its knees on the back of German war machine.

Germany army

West German Army was born out of division of Germany after the war. After the fall of Berlin Wall and reunification of Germany in 1990s the army was once again combined and the current active strength is 200,000.

8. Russia

In 1992 Russian Ground Force was formed. Their main responsibility was to protect state borders, combat on land, occupied territories security and to defeat enemy troops.

Russian army

The estimated personnel in Ground Forces are 395,000. The size of the army was very stable and was known to conquer. United States were outnumbered by Russian Ground Force in 1991.

7. Turkey

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) includes the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. They were the key in many Korean battles including United Nations War.

Turkey army

During the World War II they remained neutral. A treaty of mutual assistance was signed by Turkey with Great Britain and France during the initial stages of World War II.

6. United Kingdom

British army is one of largest and mighty army of world and was founded in 1661. Presently British army is stronger with 200,000 soldiers.

United Kingdom army

They were part of some of battles like Revolutionary War, Napoleonic War, World War I, and World War II. On September 11, 2001 British Army and the US Army worked together against Global war of terrorism.

5. Pakistan

The military forces of Pakistan are known as Pakistan’s Armed Force. The army was formed in 1947 when Pakistan got independence from British Empire.

Pakistan ARMY

The military was supposed to be divided in the ratio of 64% and 36% between India and Pakistan. But only 15% of equipment was inherited by Pakistan. US are consort of Pakistan. Pakistan has an on-off relationship with United States (US).

4. United States

The military forces of United States consist of Army, Air force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. It was established in 1775 and has the largest defense budget in the world. The United states President is the overall head of the military.

United States army

As of 2010, in addition to 848,000 people in seven reserve components, it has 1,430,895 people on active duty in military. Having a good relation with almost all the countries, U.S. Army was involved in all the wars that happened in the history.

3. India

The military force of the Republic Of India is the Indian Armed Forces. The Paramilitary Forces and various inter-service institutions support Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard of Indian Armed Forces. Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces is the President of India.

Indian army

The Union Cabinet Minister of Defense leads the Ministry Of Defense (MoD) which manages the Indian Armed Forces. India is the country having the largest number of volunteers worldwide. It has over 1 million solider on active duty.

2. North Korea

The Korean People’s Army history started in 1939 in Yenan, China when the Korean Volunteer Army (KVA) was formed. It has 106,000 armed personnel with 7,700,000 personnel in reserve force.

North Korea army

The major wars fought by the Koreans are the Vietnam War and Korean War. Till date there is a competition present between South and North Korea.

1. China

On August 1, 1972 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was established and is celebrated annually as “PLA Day” – the military arm of Communist Party of China. The PLA have 3 million members approximately; making it the world’s largest military force.

china army

In addition, it has the world’s largest active standing army having 2.25 million members approximately. PLA has fought many wars like the Sino-Japanese turmoil, Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II.

This is our list of top 10 largest armies in world, hope you guys like and would love to share this post.

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