Top 10 Gifts for Diwali

Top 10 Gifts for Diwali

Diwali is the auspicious festival of Hindus. It is celebrated with great pump and show. Diwali is also known as festival of lights. Indians across the world celebrate Diwali. A week before Diwali people starts decorating their houses and markets. Various types of sweets are made on this day. Lakshmi poojan is done on this day.

People light diyas, make rangoli and the exchange gifts and sweets. People go to their relatives and friends to wish them by giving gifts. Here is a list of Diwali gifts which you can give.

Best Gifts For Diwali

Sweets and Cakes

Sweets and cakes are the most common gift which is liked by everyone. Though people are very conscious about their health but they eat sweets on this day.

Sweets and Cakes

Keeping in mind the health of everyone sweet shop owners have started making sugar free sweets and cakes. So, no need to worry about health and gift them to your friends & family.

Personal Gifts

These gifts are for family members or for a fiancee or a close relative.

Personal Gifts

There is a long list of personalized gifts to name a few are t-shirt for father or husband, a watch for brother, a pearl set for mother, a hand bag for sister or fiancee etc. On the other hand you can gift home appliances also.


This is a gift which can be given to anyone. Kitchenware is something which everyone buys now and then. It includes utensils, a set of glasses, a bowl set, dinner set, set of trays, a set of cup and sausages etc.


These items can be given to colleagues, friends, your boss, relative etc.

Home Décor

On Diwali people decorate or renovate their homes. They buy new curtains, decoration pieces, paintings etc. Gifting home décor items on this occasion is a good idea. Markets are flooded with these items.

flower vases

Now a day’s crystal decoration pieces, wind chimes, good luck charms and not to mention flower vases are in demand. You can gift home décor items to anyone.

Dry Fruits Packing

Dry fruits have replaced sweets. People have become health conscious and they have started gifting dry fruits. Due to the increasing demand of dry fruits shop owners have started keeping dry fruit packing’s.

Dry Fruits

These packing’s comes in various sizes and in attractive gift wrappings which include almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachio’s etc. Now a day’s hazel nuts and Brazil nuts are in demand. So, you can even gift a pack of Brazil or hazel nut.

Candles Pack

Diwali is a festival of lights. People decorate their homes with lights, diyas, and candles etc. Candles come in various shapes and sizes. On Diwali various packing’s of candles are available.

Candles Pack

You can buy a variety of candles which include aroma candles, hanging candles, and even floating candles. Theses candles can be used as decoration piece or you can light them to decorate your home. Candle packing’s can be made on special orders.

Electronic Appliances

This gift includes heavy budget. This category of gifts includes microwave, juicer mixer, coffee maker, washing machines etc.

Electronic Appliances

These gifts are for very close family members like a married daughter, a daughter-in-law, or a married son. It will be a great help for them if they are living alone.

God Figures

Diwali is incomplete without the poojan of goddess Laxmi. So, one can gift figures of goddess Laxmi, Loard Ganesha, Ram Chaderji etc.

God Figures

These can be given to anyone like a family member, a friend or a relative. To make it more personalized you can gift these figures in silver also.

Diwali Gift Hamper

Diwali gift hampers have gain popularity 2-3 years back. There are special arrangements for these hampers. These hampers include a packet of juice, chocolates, candles, dry fruits etc. generally it depends on the maker of the hamper and the type of he hamper which you buy.

Diwali Gift

You can even create your own hampers, all you have to buy a beautiful basket, a ribbon and the things which you want to put in the hamper. Assemble the things in the basket and tie a ribbon on its handle.


Chocolates are loved by everyone. Many types of chocolates are available in the market. You can gift chocolate hampers to your friends and family.


Now a day’s sugar free chocolates are available in market. These hampers are available in different sizes and comes in a very decorative packing. You can select the hamper according to your need.

I hope this list of Diwali gifts will be a great help for you. Diwali is time to share love and gifts are the best way to express your love. So, choose your gift. HAPPY DIWALI.

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