Top 10 First Date Hair and Makeup Tips

hair and make up tips for first date

Going on a first date is always exciting. Lots of romance, anticipation and thrill to impress your date with your best look is always in mind. But very thought will always remain the same “how to get ready for your first date?”. You don’t need to think a lot just relax and be yourself. Follow each tips of this article and everything will be best for your first date. Lets have a look.

First Date: Hair and Makeup Ideas

Don’t Go for Hair Cut

Guys love their date as she look always so don’t play with your hair. Just ask your hair dresser for a good hair wash and blow.  You can ask your hair dresser for pop your hair in some big Velcro rollers if you want.


hairstyle for date

Try some easy hairstyle you can carry and add some hair accessories you love to wear. You can keep feisty, bouncy ponytail for your simple and stylish look or you can also try sexy half-up, half-down hairstyle. Sometimes sweet pixie haircut with forehead-grazing bangs looks awesome as per your personality.

Get Ready for Applying Makeup

After a good bath or shower get ready for a little makeup. Put plenty of body moisturizer to make skin soft. Don’t overdo the makeup, make sure “you are you”. Over makeup on your first date can feel very uncomfortable and unable to fully relax for your date, moreover it will be sending false impression of yours from your normal days look. Its good idea to add a few extra touches to really enhance yourself, but don’t go opposite to your normal look.

Keep Face Natural

Keep Face Natural

Don’t try facial a day before your first date. Keep your face natural and cool. Don’t overdo anything in excitement. Facials are good many days before your First Date. Keep yourself simple and natural overdo or under done is extremely a “big no”. Lets face the surprise of your first date the way you are.

Makeup for Face

Wash your face well to remove all dirt before applying makeup. Don’t forget to apply a lotion containing SPF 15 or higher before going out and then moisturizer.

Hide Imperfections of Face

apply a light concealer

Then apply a light concealer on any blemishes or imperfections. Use powder foundation, apply the powder all over your face to discard shine and create a clean surface then use a bronzing powder if skin is looking pale.

Makeup for Eyes

Use eye curler to curl your eyelashes. If your eyelashes are thin apply mascara. Use neutral color eye shadow for your lids. Apply brown or black color pencil eyeliner.

Smell Good

smell good

Girls, you need to look good and smell good on your first date so that whenever he thinks of you the memories of first date make him miss you a lot and to fix next date with you.

Dress Well

It is important to dress well on your first date. After all, your first impression will be from the way you have dressed yourself. Don’t wear short or show off your skin.

Wear Best & Comfortable Shoes

shoes for date

Wear something nice that compliment your personality and look. Don’t forget to wear your best but most comfortable shoes to match your dress. Heels are good if you can carry them nicely and matching with your personality and looks. Never wear sports shoes on your first date.

These are some interesting tips to help you with your hair and make up for your first date. Hope you guys find it helpful to try for. We will love your comments or ideas on this post, what more we can try for the first date.!

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