Top 10 Features of Windows 8

Top 10 Features of Windows 8

Windows 8 has hit the market and is liked by everyone. It has whole lot of new features and completely changed interface. Microsoft has made Win 8 completely easy to use with its touch or gestural environment.

Keeping in mind for those who use the traditional mouse and keyboard Microsoft has introduced new keyboard shortcut keys. Here is the list of top 10 features of Windows 8 and some of the new keyboard shortcut keys.

Features of Windows 8

1. Gestural Version

Gestural Version

This time Microsoft has come up with a version of Windows which is truly gestural. The company has designed the OS which supports simple gestures.

Another addition is the Semantic zoom, which allows the users to use pinch–to-zoom gesture for a high-level view. One can swap, drag, and set the app-specific command from top of the screen and it even allows the app to close it by top down dragging.

2. Tile Based UI

Tile Based UI

The tile based UI gives information without even opening the apps. The apps like Mail, News, Photos, & calendar gives the information about new e-mail, latest headlines, thumbnail of images and upcoming events.

The of tile weather app in windows 8 shows the current temperature in the city along with the temperature of next 2 days. This feature can always be turned off. Any 7 apps can be selected to run in the background which can send notifications on the Lock Screen all the time.

3. The System Wide Search

The System Wide Search

Windows 8 has system wide search. This feature gives the facility to search through all the files, apps, and specific settings.

If any app has the built in search then you can search within the app using the Search charms bar.

4. Easy to Refresh & Reset

Easy to Refresh & Reset

Refresh and reset is a new feature which has been added. With this feature you can easily refresh your PC when you feel that PC is working slowly. All you have to do is just click and all your files, Windows Store apps, or personalization settings will be refreshed without a single change.

The PC settings will be changed back to default. The desktop programs will be lost, which are not synced to your Windows Account. Reset will help you to erase everything from your Pc. To use these features go to Charms bar, Click Settings, select “Change PC Settings” then go to “General” section.

5. The Sync Option

The Sync Option

Windows 8’s cloud-friendly platform and Microsoft’s account allows you sync your personal settings.

You can personalize your PC settings like background, lock screen, language preferences, browser settings, app settings and much more with the help of “Sync your settings” option.

6. Multitasking with Swap View

Multitasking with Swap View

Swap view is new for multitasking; with this view the user can do two tasks at a time. Like you are chatting with a friend and side by side you want to browse the web.

The Swap view will allow the two apps to work side-by-side. One app will occupies one–fourth of the screen and the second will have the larger view.

7. Pin Important Things

Pin Important Things

The Start Screen works like a bulletin board. You can pin particular websites, some sections of the apps etc. on the Start Screen for quick access. For example, you like to read articles, you can pin the Wikipedia app on the Start Screen.

You are a foodie and dine out frequently but doesn’t like to go and make reservations. Now all you have to do is just pin the UrbanSpoon app and make instant reservations.

8. Like Something Share It

Like Something Share It

Sharing made easy. In windows 8 you can just share everything with anyone be it your friends, social networking sites and above all you can share it within apps.

Just open the charms bar & click the Share Button. For keyboard shortcut hold the Win key & the H key.

9. Task Manager

Task Manager

The Task Manager is not the same as in earlier versions of Windows. It has gone through a complete makeover. When launched the task manager will show the list of all the programs running on the device.

Task manager make it easier for you to understand by separating the programs like apps, Windows processes and background processes.

10. Interface of Windows 8

Interface of Windows 8

The new interface is the top most feature of Win 8. The features mentioned above are all because of this new incredible interface.

The app store, task manager, pining important things, system wide search etc. are all because of this new interface. As compared to all the other versions of Windows, Windows 8 is speedy and come with a whole new bunch of features.

The New Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows 8 have lots of new keyboard shortcut keys. Here is the list of some of the shortcuts:
Windows logo key +I: Open the Settings charm
Windows logo key + C: Open the charms
Windows logo key + F: Open the Search charm
Windows logo key + K: Open the Devices charm
Windows logo key + Z: Open commands for the app
Windows logo key + O: Lock the screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
Windows logo key +H: Open the Share charm

Sum Up

Those who are planning to buy Windows 8 will not be disappointed as Win 8 comes with lot of features like new keyboard shortcut keys, new task manager, system wide search etc. which makes it a must for everyone.

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