Sehwag Creates World Record: Scores 219 Highest Runs in ODI History

Sehwag Creates World Record Scores 219 Highest Runs in ODI History

Hey my lovely viewers, this buzz is for cricketer fans. I could not stop myself writing this article for my favorite cricketer star the “Virender Sehwag”.

You must thinking that using “the” is wrong english but guys this guy is great and truly deserve this respect. This guy has added one more record in Indian cricket history.

This time highest runs in ODI against West Indies in Indor (India) on 8 December, 2011. He scored smashing 219 runs in 149 balls with help of 25 boundaries and seven sixes.

virender sehwaag 200 runs in ODI

He is amazing and there is no stopping for Sehwag once he gets going on bat. This once in lifetime achievement he had made patiently and steadily. Virender Sehwag put his name in legends of cricketers.

Suresh Raina said in flowing praise of Virender Sehwag that when Sehwag completed his 200 runs he was singing Kishore Kumar’s song. ¬†Raina also said¬†“He was playing very well with no tension. That day, he was singing some Kishore Kumar songs. He was not feeling any kind of tension,” and Yuvraj said when sehwag is on batting he does not see his bat he is only sees his batting.

I can only say, we are proud of you Sehwag. Keep adding records for India..!!!

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