How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Summer is best season to flaunt your look and accessories from dresses to sunglasses. This season has everything to try and experiment with fashion and trends. Sunglasses are most essential accessory to protect our eyes from harmful sun-rays and moreover it enhance our look too but choosing the best sunglasses that goes with your face shape too is also a big deal sometimes.

So, this article would be helpful for those people who are looking for choosing the best sunglasses for their face shape. Lets Look at types of face and suitable sunglasses too.

Tips to Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses  For Oval Shape Face

Sunglasses For Oval Shape Face

Oval shape face people can try any shape sunglasses for their look. These people are blessed to try any shape but the best would be sunglasses of Square shaped frame with rounded edges. Aviator style sunglasses would be best for this face shape.

Sunglasses For Heart Shape Face

Sunglasses For Heart Shaped Face

People with wide forehead and cheekbones and narrow chin are considered as heart shaped face. Choose Cat-eye shaped stylish sunglasses you must try sunglasses which draws attention of crowd. Go for bigger styles of sunglasses but avoid anything that sits high and wide and best is Sunglasses with round edges.

Sunglasses For Round Shape

Sunglasses For Round Shape

People with full cheekbone and narrow forehead and jaw considered as round face shape. Girl with this face shape should go for shades with wide and angular frames or double brow styles. Angular frame sunglasses would be best suited for this face shape. This type of sunglasses pull the eye upward and make your face look big.

Sunglasses For Square Shaped Face

Sunglasses For Square Shaped Face

Face consists of defined jaw, square chin, and a broad forehead. This face is usually known as proportional in length and width. Classic oval shaped sunglasses would be best. Girl with this face shape must go for round and oval shape sunglasses. Cat-eye style sunglasses would also be look good on this face shape.

Sunglasses For Diamond Shape Face

Sunglasses For Diamond Shape Face

Face with high or wide cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin is considered as diamond face shape. Don’t try wider sunglasses go for oval shaped sunglasses which will be best suited for this face shape. Square frames will also work well with this type of face shape.

Sunglasses  For Triangle-Shape Face

sunglasses For Triangle-Shaped Face

Face consists of narrow jaw and a wide forehead is a triangle shaped face. Girl with this face shape should try Cat- eye style frame sunglasses to look gorgeous and to enhance her face look. One of best to go for is metal frames with rimless bottom. So, frames with a straight top line and cat eye style would be best for this face shape.

This is our suggestions to choose the sunglasses for your face shape. Next time when you go for buying shades for summer, remember our tips and make right choice of sunglasses for your face shape. Hope your liked our efforts and ideas to choose sunglasses in summer for your face shape. Feel free to share and comment on this article. We will appreciate your liking and ideas over this topic.

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