How To Choose The Right Hair Style For Your Face Shape

The Right Hair Style For Your Face Shape

Every woman is blessed with beautiful and gorgeous hair. Young ladies are very conscious about how they look. They are always in haste to look beautiful from others. In this haste they forget to see what suits them and what not. The common mistakes they do are regarding their hair style. Big curly locks may look stunning on their friends face, but that locks may not suit them.

With the right hairstyle you can look younger, prettier and sexier. Have you ever wondered that the hair style that you are having suits your face shape or not? If you know the shape of our face it will be a great help for you to get the right hair style. Given below is a guide that will help you to know the right hair style that suits your face shape.

Tips to Choose Right Hair Style for Your Face Shape

Oval Face

Oval Face Hair Style

An oval face is considered as well-proportioned facial shape, so, women having oval shape can wear haircut that adds width without elongating their face.

Curls or beach waves looks stunning on this shape. Women who want a flirty look can opt for layered cuts. Short funky cut will look great for a party look. Shoulder length hair is most suited. Women having natural wave, will give illusion of width to their face.

Round Face

Round Face Hair Style

Those women having round face should go for cuts that make their face appear slimmer. These cuts eliminate the appearance of double chin. Face-farming layers, center parts and deep side parts will make the face look longer.

Women who like short hair can go for pixie-cut. Round shaped face women should avoid hair style that ends at the chin. Hair style with collarbone length or longer is ideal for them.

Heart Face

Heart Face Hair Style

Heart shape face women are very lucky as anything works on them. The most suited hairstyle is the one that add strength to their face shape and features. Mostly women prefer pulling their hair back. Hair styles that have deep side bangs or layers are most suited.

It will help to draw attention away from the chin. As heart shape face women have too sharp-looking chin. If opting for Layered cut, it should start below the chin. Short hair cut that has length in front will look great.

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Square Shape Face

Square Shape Face Hair Style

Square shape face women should go for hair style that softens their face and the jaw line. Layered hair cut starting from jaw line and has center part or deep part will look good.

Women should avoid one-layered bob cuts and solid straight bangs. Medium layers will look great on them. The hair length should be an inch below the chin to two inches above the shoulders. Layered curls will look beautiful on square face.

Long Faces

Long Faces Hair Style

It is very hard to find a hairstyle for long face women. The best hairstyle is the long hair with layers. Layers should emphasize the facial feature that they being at.

Long faces women prefer to emphasize their lips. This is where layers should begin. High hairdos will make their face look longer, so should be avoided. Curly or wavy hairs are most suited for long faces. Straight hair emphasizes how long the face is.

Hope the above mentioned basic hair style tips will help you to choose the best hair style that suits you. So, when next time you go for a hair cut you know what you want.

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