“Gangnam Style” By PSY- Most Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time

-Gangnam Style- By PSY- Most Viewed YouTube Video Of All Time

Hey guys, we have come up with the latest buzz of the year “Go Gangnam Style” song video which has become viral on youtube with maximum likes and viewers. This video got incredibly successful and most viewed video with nearly billion online views and that made this video to enter in Guinness Book of Record title for most liked video on Youtube ever.

In US billboard 100 this video has spent more than 10 weeks. This video is of famous 34 years old Korean pop sensation Park Jae-sang popularly known as PSY. This song “Gangnam Style” is of his 6th hit album. lets tune into “Gangnam Style” and dance like “Gangnam Style”.

This video has made Korean pop sensation worldwide famous who has brought the storm of “Gangnam Style” video on Youtube. I just want to say enjoy viewing and love to “Gangnam Style”..

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