Cute And Stylish Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Cute And Stylish Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Every woman has passed the teenage. This is the age where every teenager spends much of their time in front of the mirror. They all want to look stylish and beautiful than their friends. Because of this they are in constant competition with their friends and in the heist to look more stylish.

They pay attention on clothes, accessories, footwear etc. but hairstyle also plays a major role in ones personality. Through this article I am going to tell you some hot and chic hairstyles which will make you stylish. So, the next time when you want a haircut you will know exactly what you want.

Best Haircuts for Teenage Girls

Romantic Soft Curls

You can make boys go mad with your soft curls. They are sophisticated and add a touch of glamour in your look. This is the hairstyle which adds more femininity to ones look.


It suits on all age groups. According to the hair length one can go for short curls, cropped curls or you can have long curls that falls on your back.

Stylish Layered Haircut

It is one of the most popular hairstyle among teenagers. This is the only hairstyle that suits most of the face shape and hair lengths. In this style hair is cut in such a way that they form layers.

Stylish Layered Haircut

Due to these layers hair look voluminous. This hairstyle is perfect for girls having long hair and those who posses fine hair. Layered hairstyle also make you hair look long.

Popular Pixie Haircut

The boy cut or the punk cut with slanting bangs in front is known as pixie hair cut. This is the favorite hairstyle among teenage girls. Teenage girls who love punk look should go for this hairstyle.

Popular Pixie Haircut

To give more daring look you can color the bangs. Colors like red and orange are best suited for pixie hair cut.

The Cute Scene Haircut

This hairstyle is very different. Those who want scene haircut should know two things about this cut one is that this cut is colors and the second is the way it is done. Generally teenage girls color their hair black and add some kind of streaks in it. The current colors for this style of hair are strawberry, purple and red.

Cute Scene Haircut

This style is all about puffy and teased hair. Length of the hair is not considered in this type of style but what has done in the hair matters. One can add layers and bangs in this hairstyle. Layers have become very common in this style which is added in the front only. Actually scene hair cut is all about being different.

Emo Haircut for the Punk Look

Yet another punk style popular among teenage girls. Teenage girls with emo hair cut show the influence of emotional rock bands. Teenage girls with this hair style depict the image of girls that are influenced by rock music, but are emotional from inside.

Emo Haircut

Emo is short for the word “emotional” and reflects the emotional, introvert, and shy nature of the teenager. Sharpe spikes and long bangs are made in this style. The emo girls generally brush the long bangs on one side covering one eye.

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Straight Hair for that Glamorous Look

A popular hairstyle among teenage girls. This hair style adds glamour to your look. Well, you must be thinking that you don’t have straight hair. No need to worry, all you have to do is go to a good salon and just ask them to straighten your hair.

Straight Hair teenager

If you don’t want to spend so much money then buy a branded smoothing balm which is available in the market and a flat iron. Apply the balm on dry hair and run the flat iron on the hair taking small strands from root to tips of the hair.

Short and Simple Bob Cut

Bob cut is quite popular among teenage girls as it requires less maintenance and care.

Bob Cut

In this style hair is cut straight all around the head and length is kept till ones jaw line. Bangs or fringes are kept in front of the face.

The Inverted Bob Cut

A very trendy hair cut for teenage girls. As the name suggests it is the opposite of the bob cut.

Inverted Bob Cut

In this haircut, hair in front of the face are kept long and the hair length in the sides and at the back are kept short. You can dye hair in purple or rich red color for more chic and stylized look.

Shag Cut for Very Short Hair

Teenage girls who love to keep their hair very short and in style shag cut is the answer. In this cut hair gets very short. Lots of layers are kept at the crown of the head and layers get decreases when you move down wards towards the nape of the neck. It’s spiky pointed towards the tip.

Shag Cut for Very Short Hair

Actually it is a modified version of layered cut. It suits on curly hair also.

Girls I have given you some ideas for haircuts which are latest, stylish, hot and will add glamour to your look. So, pick the one which suits you and flaunt yourself.

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