Best and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

unique christmas gifts idea

Christmas is round the corner and everybody is busy in deciding what to gift and to whom. If you too want to be the Secret Santa for your family or friends, here are some unique things you can gift them this Christmas:

1. Smartphone

Smartphone as christmas gift

The smartphone is not an out of budget gadget anymore. If you have some at home who has just taken admission in a college, gifting him/ her smartphone can be a great idea. Google about smartphones and you will find a plethora of options at various price ranges.

2. Camera

camera as christmas gift

Do you have any member in your family or friend circle who is a shutter bug? How about gifting a camera then? You can choose from a variety of alternatives as per their needs and your pocket. An average DSLR will cost you minimum 25K-30K. If you don’t have that much amount, a digicam under 10k is also a good option.

3. Healthy Snacks Bouquet

Healthy Snacks Bouquet

Enough of chocolates or cakes filled with calories and fat! This Christmas, gift your loved ones a bouquet of healthy snacks. You can choose from a variety of options such as – oats, cornflakes, exotic fruits, dry fruits, seeds (flax, sunflower, sesame, etc.), and others. You can buy all these things online if you don’t have time to go and shop.

4. Plant

christmas plant gift

Go green this Christmas by gifting your dearest people plants! You don’t need to gift boring and hard to maintain plants. There are many unique varieties of plants which can be found easily online. You can buy bonsai trees or plants for people who love beautiful unique things for home décor. Nowadays anti-mosquito and anti-pollution are also hot selling plants in the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and others.

5. Membership of Gym, Yoga, Dance, Music Classes or Others

gym membership card

If somebody at your home is planning to become fit or learn something new, you can buy him/ her membership of a gym, yoga, dance or anything that you find suitable for him/ her.

6. Anti Pollution Masks or Air Purifier

Anti Pollution Masks

If your close friend or family member is living in a highly polluted city like Delhi or Gurgaon nothing can be as useful as gifting him/ her air purifier or anti-pollution face mask. These two things are in high demand in such cities.

7. Membership for Beauty Treatments

Membership for Beauty Treatments

Women love being beautiful, isn’t it? How about gifting your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister a one-year membership for their favorite salon? If this is expensive for you, then you can buy them a one-day special beauty treatment voucher. They will be more than happy, we bet!

8. Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument as christmas gift

Is someone a music lover at your home? If yes, then you can gift them their favorite musical instrument such as guitar, piano, drums, etc. this Christmas.

9. Tickets for Special Event

special event ticket

The most inexpensive yet unique gift would be buying your close one a ticket to a movie, show or event they’re planning to watch since a long but didn’t get time to see.

We hope you like these unique gift ideas. Gift your dear pals or family people these gifts this Christmas and be their Santa. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

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