6 DIY to Keep Your Feet Gorgeous in This Monsoon

feet care during monsoon

Monsoon season brings lot of charm, love and romance in life. Who on this earth do not love rain after scorching heat of summer. Monsoon gives us relaxation and calmness from the sun of August month. But, at the same time we can’t avoid the discomforts with this season in form of water logging, messy traffic due to floody roads and most important its effect on our skin, feet and health.

Well, every season has its own important and we need to enjoy it rather to curse for discomforts. All we can do is to protect ourselves from discomforts. We need to take care of our feet in this season as it may cause some fungal infection or other problems of feet. Here we are with some 6 DIY to keep your feet clean & gorgeous in monsoon.

6 DIY to Keep Your Feet Gorgeous in This Monsoon

Avoid Fungal Infection

Fungal infection is quite common in this season as we use to wear shoes or slipper which are close in front. This kind of shoes or slippers cause discomforts and allows fungus to grow in feet area which causes infection. We can avoid fungal infection by simply wearing comfortable shoes rather than fashionable. Go for open slipper from front like flip flop, rubber or plastic sandals which keeps your feet dry and helps to avoid fungal infection.

Avoid Fungal Infection

Take Care of Wounds

Sometimes our feet get injured but in this season we need to take extra care of those injured or wounds of feet. Open wounds get degrade in this season if get in contact of muddy or moisture of air. Cover them proper with water-proof bandage to avoid any infection over wounds of feet.

Avoid Cream  & Use Anti-Fungal Power

To keep feet clean and dry we must apply anti-fungal power in feet and the spaces in toes to avoid any space for bacteria or fungus to grow. Never apply creams in feet in this season as it allows bacteria or fungus growth to cause infection.

Using Powder in feet

Trim Well Your Nails

To keep your feet more beautiful and clean trim them well for this season. This season attract nail infection for long feet nails in dirty water of road. Avoid going in water-logged area and its good if you trim nails and keep them clean and dry.

Trim foot Nails

Going for Pedicure is Big No

Avoid going for pedicure in monsoon. Home pedicure is best if you love too much for pedicure. It is needed to avoid as keeping your feet too long in water can cause dampness and moisture left in feet which became a reason of fungal infection. Never go for fish pedicure specially in this season.

Apply Foot Mask

Try some homemade feet mask to make your feet clean and beautiful. Our feet is as important as our feet to take care of. There are many website which gives you idea on choosing the best feet mask to apply for this season. Go for them, apply them weekly to keep the dirt free and gorgeous.

Apply Foot Mask

These are some of best DIY tips to keep your feet clean, safe and gorgeous in this monsoon season. If you have any more tips do share with us!

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