10 Wonders of Using Petroleum Jelly for Beauty Enhancement

Petroleum Jelly is well known skin product for all-time. Have you ever thoughts of its wonder it can do by saving your money by using in different ways than as a simple skin cream? I know after reading this article you will definitely rush to near store to get it.  Lets know its various interesting wonder.

Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Various Uses of Petroleum Jelly

To Get That Shimmer Shine on Cheeks

Shiny skin is a sign of good  and beautiful skin. If you too want to have it, you can do it with PJ. Apply a small portion of PJ under your eye brows and over cheekbones to get that highlighted shine over your face. Its a good look for party to shine in crowd.

soft cheeks

Thick Lashes

Thick lashes gives your face a special look. Some are blessed with natural thick lashes and small play with mascara to get that look. We advice you to do with PJ, applying PJ over lashes not only shine them and some said also helps them to grow.

Soften your Dry Feet

Dry feet hinders you wearing heels and embarrass you too. Forget this now with PJ, tonight after washing your feet well and soaking with towel apply PJ over dry feet and pull on your socks before sleeping and get those soft feet in few days.

soft feet

Homemade Exfoliating Body Wash

Exfoliating body removes body dust and gives it a smooth surface. You can have your own exfoliating body wash by simply mixing sea salt and PJ well and apply in circular motion over your skin and removes dead skin and dust. You will finally get a shiny and young skin.

Homemade Lip Scrub

PJ can be used in making your own homemade lip scrub. You simply need PJ and sugar, mix them well before using it for your dry or cracked lips of winter or extreme summer. This will helps you get those kissable lips.

Homemade Lip Scrub

Controlling Unruly Hair

Taming your unruly hair has become easy by applying vaseline over the hair and in crown area. They completely control them and give them shine too.

Protection against Hair Color

PJ gives a good protection from the staining of hair color. Sometimes while applying hair color some part get settled over skin and hard to remove which gives a fake look of your hair color. To avoid staining of hair color on face or any skin area, apply PJ over forehead and ears it will not let hair color to settle over that part.

Removing Eye Makeup

Removing eye makeup with PJ is easy and it also not harm your skin. Simply apply small PJ over cotton and rub the makeup of your eye area. Lubricating properties of PJ helps makeup to come out smoothly and doesn’t harm your false lashes if used.

Shattered Blush/Eyeshadow Savior

If you are suffering from damage of your favorite blush or eyeshadow, take a deep breathe and relax. Mix well your shattered eyeshadow with PJ in a pot and stir it till you get a new lip tint. This will a new thing from your old favorite.

Fixing your Split Ends

Split end let you down even if you got a stylish haircut. To fix it take vaseline between your palm and apply it over your split ends this will hide them and in turns give you shiny and healthy look to your hair.

Fix Split Ends

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