10 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress

10 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress

There is so much in technology world that it has entered in our health life too, and in this competitive world stress is common and some way has become part of our life. Thats why today we have something different here for you and that is smartphone apps to manage stress. This app is for smartphone users only and highly recommended for college students whose life has become full of stress due to exam tensions in this exam month season.

We know these days pressure to be best and excellent is getting higher on students and to excel best in every field and then after college, job haunting pressure we can understand and for exclusively those in stress during exams or for job haunting guys or any other stress reasons, for them we have come up with 10 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress. Lets have a look at them.

10 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress

Stress Tracker

Stress Tracker

This app is perfect app as the name indicate it tracks your emotions, moods and physical health and health you likewise. It helps to cope with your stress with its guided superb feature.

Health through Breath – Pranayama 

Pranayama APP

Universal acceptant Pyanayama, we all are well aware of this word and same this apps about. It teaches you proper breathing exercises techniques will keep you on track of rhythm of breathing. It guides you through audios and visuals and will definitely relives stress.


SweetBeat APP

This app is perfect for fitness and health freak its helps you in various ways. Its helps you to plan your workout based on your stress signs, for busy stressed people it helps them to measure and manage their stress level. This apps provide you lots of benefits which include awareness of internal state of nervous system. All in all best app to manage stress.

Sleepmaker Waves Free

Sleepmaker Waves Free APP

This app is for insomic stressed people and it comes with natural beach sound and its for those people who love beach, ocean or rolling waves. This app comes in paid and free version, you can choose whichever you like as per need.


Breeze APP

Its a kind of wind chime app, its sound is like out of world and background is awesome. You can relieve your stress by simply running this app on your smartphone.

Workout Trainer 

Workout Trainer  APP

We know exercise is the best way to relieve stress, with this app you will get your workout trainer and go for your digital workout and your workout trainer will offer lots of workout to de-stress you.

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Relax Completely

Relax Completely APP

This ultimate app is created by Darren Marks, UKs leading hypnotherapist and features of this app includes powerful hypnosis audio session Relax Completely and tips for relaxation and reducing stress, and many more.


Naturespace APP

This app is beautiful world of holographic sound, Plug up this app in your headphone and experience sounds of most beautiful places on earth relax and rejuvenate. This app is absolutely free and nice one to enjoy and to remain stress free.

Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditation

Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditation APP

Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute offers you this $.99 app and which helps you to practice clinically proven relaxation techniques that will control your stress feeling. You will also get “Letting Go Meditation” and “Self Confidence Meditation,” in a soothing narrator voice.


Breathe2Relax APP

This app is one of best stress manage app helps you to know the effects of stress on body and gives you stress management technique and gives instruction and practice of exercises to deal with stress.

This is our list of 10 Best Smartphone Apps to Manage Stress do you know some more apps to de-stress then please share with us.

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