10 Best Cool and Stylish Hairstyles for Men

stylish and cool hairstyles for men

Looking always stylish and cool is not that simple. Keep changing your look with your dress and hairstyles. Hairstyle is the best option to go for if you want to keep a “looking cool always” reputation. There is a long list of hairstyle one can choose for himself according to his face shape and personality. Here we are sharing 10 cool and stylish hairstyles for men to look stylish always.

10 Best Latest Trendy Haircuts for Men

Short Sides and Brushed Up Top

short sides and brushed up top

This hairstyle suits with the guys of round face. Perfect stylish look cool in any occasion. Round face guys will look cool as brushed up top will give the illusion of a longer face and the short sides will give long face look and won’t round out the face.

Slicked Back

slicked back hair

If you guys are looking for trendy or hipster look, this is the most suitable for you as this one is a variation of the undercut and completely awesome.

Short Sides With Bangs

short sides with bangs

This is a classic hairstyle which looks cool with the guys of large forehead as bangs cover their imperfection of large forehead and short sides give you long face look.

Short Hairstyle

short hairstyles

Short hairstyles never goes out of trend. This haircut is perfect for those guys who love easy to maintain and to look stylish. Short sides with short hairstyle is best suited for guys with a square face shape.

Medium Length Messy Hair

medium length messy hairstyles

This hairstyle is perfect for those guys who loves to keep medium length hair. You can experiment your medium hair length with wavy hair type style which look cool.

Short Business Casual Hairstyle

short business casual hair

This hairstyle is best for guys going office or having own business. This don draper like hairstyle is most appropriate for young business man or professional guys.

Angular Fringe

angular fringe

Angular fringe hairstyle is widely popular hairstyle among young guys. Achieve this awesome look with tapered sides, but keep the top layer long and cut at angle. This hairstyle look good with guys of round face.

Caesar Haircut

caesar haircut

Caesar haircut is most popular haircut with short hair. It is easy to maintain, and incredibly simple to spike. The spiked look can be achieved easily styling gel or cream. This hairstyle will stay in place all day, without worrying of maintenance.

Side Part Pompadour

side part pompadour

This hairstyle has been popular in our fashion history as it can be done with hair of various lengths. This has made comeback and easy to go with style. Keep it cool with your fashion style.

Short Back and Sides

short back and sides

Keep long layers on top and short back and sides. This style sweeps over the head and tapers to a tip at the front. This hairstyle brings uniqueness to your style and keep you stylish.

These are best cool hairstyles and haircuts for the modern guys. Hope guys, you find it interesting and love to experiment with your look.

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